Sunday, 30 December 2012

December 2012

After seeing many reports of Waxwings around the County I decided to have a go at these myself.  I made my way to Hester's Way and could see them immediately in the tops of bare trees and coming down to the red berries at Edward Wilson House which is opposite Bramley Road. After a short wait they soon came down en-mass and were feeding voraciously.

Waxwing Feeding
Resting in the higher trees

A very friendly guy called Tony invited me up to the entrance balcony where I could get eye level with them, he also brought me a cup of tea.  Thanks to him.  It's great the friendly people you meet when out birding.

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  1. These images are stunning - you should send some for the BBC calendar, and other sites. May be beneficial to put a water mark on the images!

    Christian W